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It’s Buffet Time with a Ravenous Mark Stoops

All of a sudden, everybody has a craving for Just The Cats. Yesterday, a hungry Vince Marrow paid a visit to our show. Today, it was a ravenous Mark Stoops. Like

The Best One-Two Punch in College Football

Just listening to Vince Marrow fires me up. The Kentucky associate head coach and recruiting coordinator possesses just the right amount of confidence, swagger, and charm to make you run

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A Foolproof Final Four Formula

Photo credit Mark Kuhlmann/NCAA (LEXINGTON, Ky.) – It’s Not Xs and Os, It’s JIMMYs and JOEs. The more I cover college sports, the more I feel that adage applies. Because when it

The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection

Gabby Curry celebrates with teammates during the Elite Eight win over Purdue that put UK into the Final Four for the first time. (NCAA Photo) The first time Alli Stumler met