Rick Pitino to IU? I Second The Motion

When the news broke earlier today that Archie Miller was out as head coach of Indiana, speculation immediately surfaced about who would be his replacement. Yahoo sports columnist Dan Wetzel sent out this tweet regarding potential candidates. https://twitter.com/DanWetzel/status/1371494685081018369?s=20 With all due respect to the New York Times best selling author, I am neither

Could You Keep This Secret?

Her phone and social media platforms were all “blowing up” with messages after Alyssa Wray’s dramatic performance on American Idol Sunday night. “People were all just telling me how proud they are of me and how much potential I have,” Wray, a 2020 Boyle County High School graduate from Perryville,, said

Charlie’s Place

No secret I am a fan of Motown music just like a lot of folks in my age bracket are. That’s why I was immediately interested when  Julie Ellis, public relations manager for Visit Myrtle Beach, told me about Charlie’s Place. Considering this is African-American History Month, the timing was perfect